E-Commerce Website Design | TweenStyles.com

E-Commerce Website Design | TweenStyles.com

We love when a brick and mortar retail business comes to us to launch a first even web presence. Many small businesses need a complete turnkey solution. How do we sell on the web? What should we sell, how? Pictures, descriptions, pricing…HELP! Not only can we assist with building your website, we can offer fundamental marketing as well as construction advice.

TweenStyles came to us with an idea of a store, 2 weeks later they were live on the internet, accepting payments with a beautiful store. TweenStyles was able to provide wonderful images. They were well-organized in preparing SKU information. We had them fill out an organized set-up spreadsheet, provide the images, within a week we were live.

Now TweenStyles can add, edit, and delete SKU’s on their own, manage the store and orders through a very organized dashboard. Their clients are sharing items on Facebook and twitter as well.

Need an online solutions? Learn more about our e-commerce framework here.

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