How does WGi stack up against the competition?

One of the first questions we are asked by a potential client is, “how do you compare to the other all-inclusive website offers I see out there?”… Our answer is always the same: “We don’t!”

We are sorry to say, there is no comparison between WGi and the many do-it-yourself template sites that you have no doubt seen or have been recommended to visit. That is because WGi offers a custom hands on design experience at do-it-yourself pricing…but most important, you own your site, not us!

From the project manager’s attention to detail, the speedy and efficient response and the creativity of the programming team my experience with WGi was easy, enjoyable and my website is even better than I expected! I assure you, you will want to use Weston Graphics Internet as well! – Siggie C,

We all know that most of todays template, all inclusive, do-it-yourself companies have features like “professional websites, personalized domain names, website page content, unlimited pages, easy to use tools, website hosting, customer service, etc”. The reality is that this is like saying all auto manufacturers offer cars with doors, engines, wheels, and brakes! WGi wanted to offer you more then a cookie cutter, we wanted to offer you a unique and powerful web platform, flexibility, cutting edge design and programming, with all the features and extras of a $2500 – $5000 custom designed website…AND all for an affordable price.

Check out the comparison chart below for the features that are above and beyond engines and tires! Let’s start a successful web presence outreach for your business or practice today!


Weston Graphics Internet Other Template Websites
Total Cost over 5 years $2897.00* $3540.00*
You Own Your Site, content. files, domain name
Custom Web Design – Hands on design process, no worn out do-it-yourself templates
Google Mail and Apps integration and setup – business class mail service included!
Built In SEO – your content will rocket the search engines, no “SEO” service needed
Initial site build and Monthly Site updates and changes made for you by our staff of designers and developers under the supervision of your own dedicated project manager. No do it yourself learning curve, or substandard outcome
Social Media Connections – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
Latest Website Technology, updated regularly
Dedicated Project Manager, Designer, and Marketing Strategist to insure your online success
24/7/365 Support +complete site training
* based on competitive pricing of $59 a month, vs WGi $39.95 a month package.