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Postpartum Depression Alliance of Illinois liked the organized look and feel of our clients sites and wondered if we could help with a new site for the outdated version of Postpartum Depression Alliance of Illinois. The site was nice and colorful, but lacked organization and a cohesive message, additionally the site was very text heavy. The final product was a site … Read More

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Dr. Berman and the Weston Graphics team worked to develop a color palette that fit the vision of the brand. Calming blues coupled with clean and crisp background colors helped establish Dr. Berman’s “brand”. Part of our focus was to tie in the website color palette with the image choices to give a cohesive look on all pages. Color is … Read More | Website Design for Mental Health Professionals

Dr. Lisa came to us from a “template” site company with the goal of having a more flexible and custom website. She needed social media features, better images and a better “story” to present her potential clients and referring doctors. You can see her before and after in the images to the left. Her new users now see a wonderful … Read More