Professional Website Design | Our Newest Theme Framework

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We are proud to announce another new WGi framework release. Modern! Modern is our newest release and it is packed with the latest in web technology. Modern includes a responsive layout to display your website content optimally at all resolutions and browser widths, and on all media devices! The layout is very progressive. It includes a big featured area that captivates the user with large images, … Read More

Does your Therapist Website need a new design and better functionality?

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Weston Graphics internet specializes in industry specific websites and we are happy to launch our program for the medical profession, specifically Therapists, Psychologists, and Marriage and Family Counselors. WGI fills the need of the Therapist looking for a very tasteful site, professionally designed to include all the necessities. Many Therapists and other service business owner we work with start with … Read More

How-To: Migrating WordPress Installations

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Migrating websites (especially websites with lots of relatively linked files) can be a difficult proposition. The difficulties can compound depending on your experience with migrating websites and databases and whether or not you have developed the code for the site yourself. Since we do a lot of site migrations (more often than not with WordPress) I thought it would benefit … Read More

What are Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

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Virtual private server (VPS) refer to a “virtual machine” for use exclusively by an individual customer of the service. What what the heck is a “virtual machine” Is that like virtual reality of the server world? Not that I asked, YES. A virtual machine (VM) is a software emulation of a real programmable machine, where the software implementation is constrained … Read More

Cpanel Hosting

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cPanel Hosting The Cpanel control panel allows you to easily administer and control your website from an easy-to-use and attractive web interface. You don’t have to be familiar with command lines, nor do you have to be an expert. If you can log in to a website, you can easily control all aspects of your website. More Features for Your … Read More

Web Hosting Services

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Weston Graphics offers secure, high-quality web hosting services, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can count on 99% uptime with shared hosting and 100% uptime with our new cloud hosting and round-the-clock support through our client portal. Full details on our hosting services are located here. Multiple hosting packages that scale to your business needs 100% uptime … Read More