Increase traffic to your Website. Convert Visitors into Sales – Pretty simply right? It actually is less complicated then you would be lead to believe if you did a search for “SEO” on Google….pretty ironic! Furthermore, anyone or any company that promises you #1 rankings is LYING to you. That is bold statement, but true.

In easy to understand terms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of assisting a website in ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). These results appear in the FREE “organic” section of the search engine.

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Typical SEO companies will help you with higher ranking by putting up mirrors and adding smoke. In the end, you are no better off then when you started. You see, all the keyword research, link building, meta tag creation, and other popular practices do very little for your rankings. YES, you heard it here…very little. In fact, with the recent change in the way the search engines “look” at your website, there is less weight on these old must have practices.  Sure, there has to be some structure for the search engines to see your site, but all these practices are nothing without CONTENT AND POPULARITY. Not just any content, but relevant content, not just andy popularity, but back links from reputable site with like content.

You will not find any SEO “packages” at WGi. We have 2 options for your. 1. Rank high based upon our solid web development practices (free and included with all our site builds). 2. Rank on the first page of google or you don’t pay, our special SEO program for advanced users.

What you will find at Weston Graphics Internet is the foundation for a successful search engine optimization campaign. In fact, we believe that “SEO” itself is a word of the past as sites and programing these days have the old “optimization” built in. We develop our websites on content management system engines that inherently provide the SEO “automatically”. Proper meta tags and site flow is now an intregral function of these systems. We focus your attention to the content, we set up the site so that this content is managed properly and presented to the search engines properly.

If you were looking to buy a Bronze, Gold, or Platinum SEO package today and pay us a monthly fee, I have bad news for you, our SEO is part of our site development and we just don’t charge for it. If you want to take the basic SEO one step further, then you will be interested in our advanced pay for performance program. We also  will marry good SEO practices with a Social Media blitz for more bang for your buck.

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