How-To: Speeding up your WordPress Site

Nick GallopHow-To

WordPress’ success in the personal blogging/CMS software has given rise to a number of plugins, hosting platforms and sub-economies related to hosting and optimizing WordPress. While there is no substitute for running a VPS a dedicated server or cloud hosting for being able to handle and scale with traffic, there are a variety of options for businesses on a budget and … Read More

Growing Your Twitter Community

Adam WestonOnline Marketing, Social Media

You’ve mastered Twitter have you, consider yourself an official tweeter and other tweeple follow you? Ok, great but are you really using Twitter effectively? Lets be honest — whatever your reason for using twitter everyone wants more followers and everyone wants to keep them. Twitter is about sharing small pieces of information with large amounts of people. That’s a powerful … Read More

How-To: Migrating WordPress Installations

Nick GallopWebsite Design, Website Hosting, Website Themes

Migrating websites (especially websites with lots of relatively linked files) can be a difficult proposition. The difficulties can compound depending on your experience with migrating websites and databases and whether or not you have developed the code for the site yourself. Since we do a lot of site migrations (more often than not with WordPress) I thought it would benefit … Read More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Adam WestonOnline Marketing

Think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as an art form or strategy similar to soccer. Let’s say you’re a very fast and agile forward but even getting a shot on goal proved to be difficult due to the opposing teams defense’s daunting size and strength. How will you utilize your team’s techniques to get around them in order to score? … Read More