Professional Website Design | Our Newest Theme Framework

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We are proud to announce another new WGi framework release. Modern! Modern is our newest release and it is packed with the latest in web technology. Modern includes a responsive layout to display your website content optimally at all resolutions and browser widths, and on all media devices! The layout is very progressive. It includes a big featured area that captivates the user with large images, … Read More

Guaranteed SEO Ranking Performance | Rank on Google or You Do Not Pay

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Guaranteed SEO could be completely real and totally legitimate when it’s interpreted as pay-for-performance SEO. Think about it – you don’t have to pay for any unsuccessful SEO campaigns. Wouldn’t that be cool? Before you get too excited, read on. This article will unveil you the 3 layers of guarantee of SEO services and you will learn how to get … Read More

WGi Framework Themes | Two new professional WGi framework themes added to our collection

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TWO NEW FRAMEWORK THEMES ADDED We are happy to announce to new frameworks themes added to our collection of professional business website designs. Delegation and Take a Break. Click on the demo sites below to see all the details of these wonderful website designs. Ready to get your business on the web or get a much needed website facelift? Get started for … Read More

Social Media | What does Twitter Do?

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Twitter Me This I started blogging a few years ago and only recently started writing a weekly column for a local newspaper. It goes without saying that I must engage my readers to keep my gig.  Although, and almost more important, are receiving page hits and consistent hits, week after week after week. Did you know there is only one … Read More

Making the Most of Social Media

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RSS Feeds, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon are icons which appear on 95% of every website you visit. Social Media is not just one entity it is multi layered and interconnected. Each social network stands on its own as a social networking tool, linking them will maximize their ability to reach a larger audience making it much more effective. Like it … Read More

Does the color palette of your website matter?

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Color matters! For you personally and for your website visitors. In fact, it matters more than you think! Growing up I was real trouble maker, just like any normal kid I suppose. Inevitably, I was summoned by my father to get the “Marine Corp” belt. The belt was out in the garage, you know, the unfinished, exposed wood part of … Read More

Sneak peek at our new ecommerce solution

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Affordable Ecommerce for every business Now every business can sell online without investing an arm and a leg for an online store. The WGi ecommerce solution offers all the features of the “big guys” stores at a fraction of the price. WGi teamed up with the developer of a new state of the art cart system and are offering full … Read More