The benefits of Twitter and your website search results

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Understanding Twitter

Micro blogging is no longer a phenomenon nor fad. Twitter, founded only 5 years ago has an estimated 190 millions users; it’s growing exponentially and this is no fluke. Social Media is becoming a far more effective marketing tool than traditional marketing techniques and it’s because consumers finally realized they have a voice.

The number one way to brand your company and/or product is to engage the consumer. Twitter gives you the platform to do just that; at its heart it is simply a communication tool like the phone, the web and telegrams before it.

Twitter is one of the fastest growing avenues to reach the public immediately and it’s free. It can be used as the direct gateway from a business to consumers for instance; if you’re a restaurant you can tweet your daily specials; a Realtor can tweet their latest price reduced home; a ticket agency may want to tweet about upcoming events and a therapist looking for new clients might tweet positive affirmations to gain attention.

Twitter is an SMS (i.e. text or short message service) for the Internet and a very easy application to use.

How to:

  1. Create a name and a password to login. The name you choose should reflect your business. This is how other tweeple will recognize you.
  2. Create a short profile; add a profile picture to it. Once this simple process is complete you are ready to start tweeting, follow your friends and promote your business.
  3. On your homepage you are given 140 characters to answer, “What are you doing?”   Or “What are you selling?” Your tweets should be unique and direct. This means you will become practiced in the art of brevity.
  4. *Follow other “tweeple” (the more people you follow the more popular you will become).
  5. A tip: You can use the #symbol + a keyword if you’d like tweeple to find your tweets when they are using the search function. This will give your tweet and thus product more visibility.

*You want to look for other tweeple that you think may have interest in your product. If you’re selling laundry detergent you want to follow parents. Parents follow other parents who will start to see your tweets on their friends homepage and in turn they will start to follow you.

We are living in the age of immediate gratification and information overload. However, if your tweets combine and reflect both we guarantee you will see a consistent increase in your sales.

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