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Your website is your new business card!

I was excited to get to my first box of business cards in 1994; it was like I had finally arrived with a “real” job. Then I changed jobs and another box of cards followed which equally made me feel uber professional. Today, I still have those boxes.

The business card originated in the 19th century and has remained an effective and convenient way to share contact information. The first website went live on August 6, 1991 and in just 20 short years there are upwards of 80 million websites. Like fashion there are trends in technology and owning your own website is the equivalent of that little black dress, the business card in your wallet, and one of the most integral parts of branding your business today.

The Internet has become an essential tool in our daily lives and just like seeking objective points of view to become more successful in both our personal and professional lives  so has psychotherapy. Weston Graphics Internet recognizes that combining your emotional needs with your technological wants is a winning combination. Given the necessity WGi created a low cost, no hassle, and effective website programs for Therapists. Why do you need one isn’t the question but rather why don’t you have one?!?

WGi recently designed a more up to date and user friendly website for Siggie Cohen, MFT.


Client Site Before

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After (click image)

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Siggie’s earlier design did not accurately exemplify her brand nor did it have the functionality that it has today. When WGi creates and builds your website, with you in their driver’s seat, you will get a design team with extraordinary creativity, programmers who care about your page ranking and a project manager who helps facilitate your needs every step of the way. Our programmers also incorporate Automatic Search Engine Optimization (SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query) so you no longer have to pay for Google ad words.

Our team is available to you 24/7, we are fast, efficient, and most importantly our cost effective programs and web design help you gain clients!

My site has only been up for 9 days, and already I have seen an increase in my business. I recommend them highly!

Exclaimed our newest client, Amanda Jennings, MFT

Overall, whether you’re still searching for that little black dress or the perfect business card to represent your brand you can get Gucci quality at Target prices while staying relevant in today’s ever changing technological trends here at Weston Graphics Internet.

Dani Fishman Parker is our staff writer. She is experienced in marketing and networking, we are thrilled to offer her insight for your web projects.