Does the color palette of your website matter?

Adam WestonWebsite Design

Color matters! For you personally and for your website visitors. In fact, it matters more than you think! Growing up I was real trouble maker, just like any normal kid I suppose. Inevitably, I was summoned by my father to get the “Marine Corp” belt. The belt was out in the garage, you know, the unfinished, exposed wood part of … Read More

Sneak peek at our new ecommerce solution

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Affordable Ecommerce for every business Now every business can sell online without investing an arm and a leg for an online store. The WGi ecommerce solution offers all the features of the “big guys” stores at a fraction of the price. WGi teamed up with the developer of a new state of the art cart system and are offering full … Read More

WGi Training | How to add a new post on your wordpress website

Adam WestonHow-To, Website Editing

Adding a post (article)  on your Weston Graphics Internet website is very easy. Follow along on our training video   To write a post: Log in to your WordPress Administration Panel (Dashboard). Click the Posts tab. Click the Add New Sub Tab Start filling in the blanks. As needed, select a category, add tags, and make other selections from the sections below the … Read More